Pools are coming soon!


You may have noticed that the forums are currently down. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere! They should be back up soon, but while you’re waiting here’s a little teaser for what I’ve been working on. 😉

For all you anti-forums folk, a lot has changed since the last update. The change suit primitive now works correctly, TV sounds are half working, and most importantly the game can now serialize and deserialize entire game states, avoiding the huge wait times people were seeing when connecting to servers.

Chat bubbles and chat history have been added, a ton of bugs have been fixed, and work has begun on a full Independent Development Environment for SimAntics to let users create their own objects! (and us modify existing ones 😉 ) There will be more on this soon, once it’s in a stable state.


Rather interestingly, a Brazilian community has recently started developing for the game, and they’re dedicated enough to have already translated parts of the game with the rather shoddy multilingual string support! Full translation of all objects is a little while away though (the IDE will provide this), and sprite font text rendering makes it rather hard to translate into certain languages. We’ll be working on this in the coming months, stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Pools are coming soon!

      1. I hope there is a German Community too
        Because whenever i asked from my friends, no one knew about that Game

  1. Looks nice! Wish the forum would let me make an account 🙁
    Tried to sign up 5 times now with different emails. It never sends me the confirmation email and I’ve emailed the webmaster to receive no response. 🙁

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