Hey all, the forums are currently down temporarily. Should be back up soon, it’s just the same database problem we had during the first playtest. You can keep track of all immediate developments on GitHub and the build bot primarily, but the new routing is nearing completion, at which point I’ll write a full blog about it. We’ll probably do a similar thing all the way to release, with detailed blog posts about all the important merges into the master branch detailing what specifically has been achieved, usually accompanied by a youtube video.

The new routing is looking phenomenal, but you might need a comparison video to show just how much better. This will come in a few days, directly after the merge. The roadmap is available on the forums, which I’m still going to be following semi-strictly, so next we’ll be clearing up the suit primitive and handling. Hope you guys are OK with barbie doll style naked sims, since the censor effect will not be immediately available. 😉

EDIT: Things are back to normal now. The roadmap I was talking about is here: http://forum.freeso.org/threads/road-to-live-release.801/