User feedback is a major focus when it comes to running FreeSO… except when the feedback is just bad. However, last month our community unexpectedly united over one single complaint. After suffering for 8,823 days, our users had finally had enough with Sims’ blue pee. It just doesn’t make any sense, looks way too drinkable and it’s aesthetically unpleasing. Goodness knows how the rest of the Sims community has been putting up with this if the TSO community was the one to snap. You’d think someone would have modded it by now…

Seeing feedback that wasn’t just “disable motives” or “remove interactions” caught us by surprise, so we absolutely had to act upon it. After a greulling development cycle, we think we have something that everyone will be happy with. No more blue pee.

Please take a moment to watch the video we’ve prepared for the reveal of this much requested feature. By YouTube standards, three minutes is a blink of the eye, so it should be a breeze to watch.

Watched the video? Good. You may notice that pools are yet again filled with these same plastic balls. Please take a short moment to ponder the implications, and quickly move onto thinking about the next Jam money object day.

To make this experience even more immersive, we have also enabled 1st person control to allow users to get up close and personal with the new puddles. You’ll finally be able to experience exactly where pee is stored first hand. Just keep them away from fire.