FreeSO (“Free Simulator Online”) is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™’s game engine, using C# and Monogame.


How do I use this?

Before installing, you should know that the client is currently in a Pre-Alpha state, and is only playable with many bugs, crsahes and a complicated manual server-client setup. Use at your own risk…

First, you need to install the original game. This is still available from EA’s servers at (though it may not be for long!) After this, you should download the latest build from our buildbot at

Right now, there is no centralized server to connect to (a “city”, in the original game’s terms). The simulator currently requires one user (with port 37564 open) to act as a server, then all other users to connect to their IP, or a domain pointing to their IP directly. You can check out and plan meetups over on our forums.


Fair use policy

On its own, the FreeSO client does not display any copyrighted material, and is not distributed with it. The game files are provided by the user, and the client simply reads the files the user provides. In this sense, our replacement client is essentially a glorified The Sims Online™ file reader, as all original graphics, sounds, UI layouts and game objects are simply read and simulated by the client.

The game server transmits metadata generated from the execution of these scripts (avatar money values, lot/object state, avatar appearances, hash of game files for version identification) but does not transmit any copyrighted material either.

We will not accept any code or content that violates the policy above in our repo.

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  1. I LOVE this, thank you so much man I know a lot of people appreciate what you are doing for the people that truly miss TSO, I can’t wait to see what all comes from this!

  2. GREAAT you are amazing!! Please don’t ever stop with this project because it’s just perfect! I’ll tell my friends right now 😀

  3. I am just curious, I wanna download very very bad — but once it downloads the file and I try to open it gives me an error which I am about 99% sure why — Because I am using a MacBook… Could you PLEASE Direct me to a download link for Macbook? I do remember the original TSO being Mac compatible so I would assure theres a download file for it out there somewhere… Thanks!

  4. Hey, I love what you’re doing! Sadly, when the original version was out and about I barely had dial up and I never had the opportunity to play, but I have heard so much great things about it! If you’ll accept, I’ll be willing to handle anything you need help with.

  5. Hello Guys,
    Someone knows the Capatcha/Register for the Formum registration?

    I can not registration on forum, I do not understand it 🙁 i dnt speak English

    can someone give me please the Capatcha for registration?


  6. I have some old screen shots and content that might be useful in future plans. I played this game since day one back in the day and had 4 to 5 accounts. I made a living as a high school student off this game a long time ago. I’m so glad to see it back, and would love to help by donating some funds or providing servers. Anything I can do to help.

  7. There seriously needs to be a Mac compatible version. I would love to play FreeSO, but since I’ve got a computer with an apple logo on it, I’m out of luck. Nostalgia should not be inhibited by a fruit. Thats my two cents. But seriously, make the Mac version!!!

  8. I would pour hundreds of dollars into this if I could play it on my Mac. Seriously. I appreciate this project so very much. I miss my simming days more than my partner or any current friends not from that long 15 years ago could ever understand.

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