Today marks 20 years since The Sims Online was officially released.

On release, The Sims Online was pitched with the potential to become the biggest MMO in the world, right off of the massive success of The Sims. The deep simulation and interactions of the original, combined with the creativity of millions of players around the world. What the world expected was another smash hit success – video gaming taken by storm by the most ambitious entry in the series yet… but The Sims Online was not The Sims. The same base simulation, but a completely different game, it simply couldn’t capture the same audience. It was hard enough to understand why The Sims worked so well in the first place.

After just under 6 years, and an incredibly awkward attempt at a reboot, all cities were closed for good. Despite this, years of communities devoted to the game kept interest alive for almost a decade. That kind of following is hard to come by. I remember personally checking the blog religiously for months. After almost a decade of spinoff games trying to recapture the feeling, and many failed restoration projects, we finally emerged with something resebling the original game. Now, it’s scary to think that FreeSO’s servers have now been running for more days than it.

I don’t think the experience and feeling that this game provides has ever been replicated by another game, and I’m starting to think that it won’t ever be. Second Life never had the depth of interaction. Habbo Hotel never had the sense of reality. It’s a product of its time, a piece of history that deserves to be preserved for as long as possible. FreeSO is our attempt at doing that, though it has its limits as a reimplementation. While adding new things lets us envision a future TSO never had, it’s limited by our own interpretation of the original formula. Maybe one day, there should be a decompilation project to ensure that the true original is preserved too.

For me, FreeSO was an opportunity to fully explore a game that I never had the opportunity to play during its heyday. My only experience with The Sims Online was downloading the trial when I was too young to play, then eventually rediscovering and binging it weeks before the announcement of its shutdown. Its lasting impression was strong enough to drive me to dedicate years to the project, which I don’t think any other piece of media could have managed. Thanks to The Sims Online, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how my favourite game series works behind the scenes, and I love every piece of it.

While I never got to experience the “core gameplay” with FreeSO, I got something a lot better. I hung out on lot servers hosted by friends between developing new features before we even launched, messing around on a half-broken game. I looked forward to events with brand new objects created by the most talented people I know. Each and every time, I remember it as if I were there in person. No wonder the community lay dormant for 10 years, if moments in the game were this unforgettable.

I hope that we’ve been able to rekindle some of that spirit for you, too. Thanks for making the game the best it can be. If you log in from any point from now until the end of the year, you’ll receive a Simmy to celebrate.


This year the Grim Reaper is facing off against the ghost of the great pirate Captain Green Beard to settle an age old feud. Which is the best way to celebrate Halloween; Tricks? Or Treats?

You can reach the event lot; The Isle of Ghostly Terrors, through the pay phone at the front of a lot. There you can declare your loyalty to Team Tricks, lead by the Grim Reaper themself. Or Team Treats, lead by Captain Green Beard. Determine who the winner is by collecting as much candy as your little sim mittens will let you carry and deposit it at Mr. Tickles’ Well in the center of the lot. Or spend it all at the Prize Booth at City Hall. Decisions, decisions…

The event lot, made by the amazing Amoreena, also features a few mazes to traverse, each with prizes at the end for all who are lucky enough to make it through. The first team to reach milestones will receive special prizes, for more information consult Leonard, the Grim Reaper’s loyal (though not necessarily by choice) intern.

This update also brings about quite a few brand new objects made by amazingly skilled and talented members of the FreeSO community and staff. We have some lovely decor to get festive for the Halloween season, barrels upon barrels upon barrels, a functional wood chopping station complete with axe, and so much more!

The candy has been streaming in since last night, and both teams have quickly surpassed 10000. Team Treat were the winners of our first milestone to get a “hot tub” dedicated to them on the event property, but now it’s time to get serious.

The first milestone for an object prize has been set at 20000, and the first team to reach it will win the prize! What will it be? Ask Leonard on the property for more information, and remember to check back often for the results… and more milestones! We’ll also be keeping you up to date on our Discord server.

We hope everyone enjoys the event. It ends on November 6th. So better get candy collecting!

Well folks, the day is finally here. April 16th. I hope you remembered!

What, do you think that the last post wasn’t being serious? It’s not called “April Lies Day”, is it? All of our April 1st news posts have always contained 100% real and reliable information. AmongSO was REAL, and nobody else can tell me otherwise.

Log on any time today to experience all the usual shenanigans… and maybe some more that you might not have anticipated? It’s anyone’s guess?? Just make sure you put away any valuables you don’t want to be on fire.

However, there seems to be a problem… One of our experimental updates for controller support has been pushed to the server alongside our usual April Fools “treats”, and something odd seems to have merged with the FreeSO codebase. I don’t know what “Here we go!” means, but it sounds like some kind of threat.

I repeat: DO NOT PLUG A CONTROLLER INTO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN FREESO IS RUNNING. Only bad things will happen, and everyone else on the property will surely also suffer as a result.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyways, thank you so much-a for-to playing my game.


The FreeSO Team have been in extended discussions with the official regulators and governing body that controls April Fools and all Pranks and Tricks planned globally, and we have come to agreement. This Cannot Continue.

April Fools is NO LONGER going to be on April 1st.


After years of specifically developed, fully functional April Fools masterpieces, this year the vanilla, boring, single digit date simply does not match up to what we need out of it. It is inconvenient, barely misses a weekend, and has the audacity to take place when I’m nowhere near a desktop computer. Plus, we’re no stranger to delaying events with supposedly “fixed” dates. Halloween, maybe even Christmas? No problem for us – how would this be any different?

To rectify this problem, we have selected a new OFFICIAL date for 2022’s April Fools. The date is…

Saturday 16th April 2022


Think about it. It’s perfect. Sandwiched perfectly in the middle of the month, right at the start of the weekend, ready for the majority of people to enjoy a full day of whatever horrible derivative concoction we have planned. I mean, whatever wonderful, original idea we have planned.

The only downside is that the date is nowhere near as memorable. Of course, we have all bases covered – our masterful team of PR wizards have come up with this catchy and unique slogan which will make it easy for everyone to remember and understand the revised date for all April Fools antics:

“Remember, Remember, the 16th of April”

Make sure that when anyone asks you “what happened to april fools”, “download among us google play”, or really, any message containing the word “april”, respond with our slogan _to the letter_ and all worries will be resolved.

The following events will NOT occur today, as April 1st is NO LONGER the official active date for the April Fools holiday:

  • Fire and Fire spread active throughout Sunrise Crater.
  • Spicy Pizza Roulette, whatever that was meant to be.
  • Emoji Only Chat enabled on every second odd hour (UTC) throughout the day.
  • AmongSO Tournament at 8pm UTC at The Skeld (CANCELLED)
  • A “stress test” involving 2000 rugs, a ball pit and a malfunctioning pool filter at 7:23pm UTC (42 seconds)

Do NOT hold any pranks on April 1st against this ruling. They will NOT be funny, they will only be “based” if you really mean based in LIES and deceit. The committee will find you and your comedy license will be revoked.

This will not happen to you.

Please look forward to replacement events on the new officially sanctioned date for April Fools, and make sure to repeat our slogan whenever anyone mentions April Fools.

Remember, Remember, the 16th of April!


The fifth Annual FreeSO Awards (AFA) Ceremony is finally here!

Our beloved S1ndle was trying to dust off the trophies a few weeks ago, when he slipped in a puddle that someone left by the bookshelves and fell. All the trophies were smashed to bits! He’s spent the last few weeks trying to glue them back together. But try as he might, he just wasn’t able to get them quite right.

A total of 13 unique awards are split into two categories:

  • Players: Awards for diverse and eccentric personalities of FreeSO players.
  • Lots: Awards for iconic builds and magnificent designs in Sunrise Crater.

Please keep in mind that you must be nominated for an award in order to win it.

Additionally, MOMI/DADDI/COUSINs, admins, and their lots are ineligible to win awards. This restriction does not include mentors. A player’s account must be in good standing to receive an award.

You can nominate/vote for other players on the following page:


Click anywhere on the page to open the voting box, choose a category to view its description, and then type in a Sim’s in-game name (not case sensitive) with an optional reason for why you voted for them. Don’t forget to press the vote button!

You’ll need to log in with your FreeSO account to be able to vote. You may only vote for each category once per account and per real life household (so if your family members also play, it may be a good idea to consider your nomination choices as a team).

Voting ends on March 4th at 20:00 UTC, so get your nominations in and we hope you’ll join us at the Sunrise Crater Town Hall for the awards ceremony on Saturday, March 5th at 20:00 UTC!

The Categories

Individual Award Categories are:

  • Host/Hostess with the most-es – For the Sim who always knows how to make you feel right at home
  • Best Roomie – For the Sim stuck paying all the bills, cooking all the meals, and cleaning up after you
  • Master of Ceremonies – For the Sim who goes above and beyond to organize the most unique/creative in-game events
  • Captain Creativity – For Sunrise Crater’s artist-in-residence who partakes in game related arts such as sculpture, photography, cinematography, or 3d rendering
  • Most Iconic – For the Sim who sets the trends and who is highly influential in Sunrise Crater
  • 2 Sassy 4 U – For the Sim who exceeds all levels of bodacious in the way that they act around town
  • Online 24/7 – For the Sim that never seems to disappear, because… SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK
  • Prop Prepared – For the Sim who’s always digging in the costume trunks and chests

Lot Categories are:

  • The Showperson’s Sleight of Hand Lot – For the owner of the best entertainment or games lot
  • The Capitalism Cup Lot – For the owner of the best money, skill, or shopping lot
  • The Hosting Helpers Lot – For the owner of the best welcome or service lot
  • The Homebodies Lot – For the owner of the best residential, romance, or offbeat lot
  • Best Lot Design – For the owner of the best designed lot

Best of luck to you all!
– The FreeSO Team