This year the Grim Reaper is facing off against the ghost of the great pirate Captain Green Beard to settle an age old feud. Which is the best way to celebrate Halloween; Tricks? Or Treats?

You can reach the event lot; The Isle of Ghostly Terrors, through the pay phone at the front of a lot. There you can declare your loyalty to Team Tricks, lead by the Grim Reaper themself. Or Team Treats, lead by Captain Green Beard. Determine who the winner is by collecting as much candy as your little sim mittens will let you carry and deposit it at Mr. Tickles’ Well in the center of the lot. Or spend it all at the Prize Booth at City Hall. Decisions, decisions…

The event lot, made by the amazing Amoreena, also features a few mazes to traverse, each with prizes at the end for all who are lucky enough to make it through. The first team to reach milestones will receive special prizes, for more information consult Leonard, the Grim Reaper’s loyal (though not necessarily by choice) intern.

This update also brings about quite a few brand new objects made by amazingly skilled and talented members of the FreeSO community and staff. We have some lovely decor to get festive for the Halloween season, barrels upon barrels upon barrels, a functional wood chopping station complete with axe, and so much more!

The candy has been streaming in since last night, and both teams have quickly surpassed 10000. Team Treat were the winners of our first milestone to get a “hot tub” dedicated to them on the event property, but now it’s time to get serious.

The first milestone for an object prize has been set at 20000, and the first team to reach it will win the prize! What will it be? Ask Leonard on the property for more information, and remember to check back often for the results… and more milestones! We’ll also be keeping you up to date on our Discord server.

We hope everyone enjoys the event. It ends on November 6th. So better get candy collecting!