The fifth Annual FreeSO Awards (AFA) Ceremony is finally here!

Our beloved S1ndle was trying to dust off the trophies a few weeks ago, when he slipped in a puddle that someone left by the bookshelves and fell. All the trophies were smashed to bits! He’s spent the last few weeks trying to glue them back together. But try as he might, he just wasn’t able to get them quite right.

A total of 13 unique awards are split into two categories:

  • Players: Awards for diverse and eccentric personalities of FreeSO players.
  • Lots: Awards for iconic builds and magnificent designs in Sunrise Crater.

Please keep in mind that you must be nominated for an award in order to win it.

Additionally, MOMI/DADDI/COUSINs, admins, and their lots are ineligible to win awards. This restriction does not include mentors. A player’s account must be in good standing to receive an award.

You can nominate/vote for other players on the following page:


Click anywhere on the page to open the voting box, choose a category to view its description, and then type in a Sim’s in-game name (not case sensitive) with an optional reason for why you voted for them. Don’t forget to press the vote button!

You’ll need to log in with your FreeSO account to be able to vote. You may only vote for each category once per account and per real life household (so if your family members also play, it may be a good idea to consider your nomination choices as a team).

Voting ends on March 4th at 20:00 UTC, so get your nominations in and we hope you’ll join us at the Sunrise Crater Town Hall for the awards ceremony on Saturday, March 5th at 20:00 UTC!

The Categories

Individual Award Categories are:

  • Host/Hostess with the most-es – For the Sim who always knows how to make you feel right at home
  • Best Roomie – For the Sim stuck paying all the bills, cooking all the meals, and cleaning up after you
  • Master of Ceremonies – For the Sim who goes above and beyond to organize the most unique/creative in-game events
  • Captain Creativity – For Sunrise Crater’s artist-in-residence who partakes in game related arts such as sculpture, photography, cinematography, or 3d rendering
  • Most Iconic – For the Sim who sets the trends and who is highly influential in Sunrise Crater
  • 2 Sassy 4 U – For the Sim who exceeds all levels of bodacious in the way that they act around town
  • Online 24/7 – For the Sim that never seems to disappear, because… SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK
  • Prop Prepared – For the Sim who’s always digging in the costume trunks and chests

Lot Categories are:

  • The Showperson’s Sleight of Hand Lot – For the owner of the best entertainment or games lot
  • The Capitalism Cup Lot – For the owner of the best money, skill, or shopping lot
  • The Hosting Helpers Lot – For the owner of the best welcome or service lot
  • The Homebodies Lot – For the owner of the best residential, romance, or offbeat lot
  • Best Lot Design – For the owner of the best designed lot

Best of luck to you all!
– The FreeSO Team

As many of you have already noticed, the Halloween season has already begun with trick-or-treating from door to door and zombie summoning, as well as sneaky SURPRISE zombies! At Sunrise Crater Town Hall, a mysterious traveling merchant has set up a prize booth. He claims to have rare items that he has collected from around the world to trade for candy (and he’ll need a dentist soon, because you guys are very skilled at collecting lots of candy.) He can also tell you about different ways to acquire candy, and has three new items for you to purchase!


Souls on the Loose


Rumor on the streets of Sunrise Crater is that a rather frightening yet noteworthy character is passing through town to see their favorite band on tour! Death in the flesh (well, minus the flesh) accompanied by an incompetent yet seemingly knowledgeable intern is reported to have been seen at the Sunrise Crater Town Hall. However, it appears that there’s a bit of a mess in need of being sorted out. The Grim Reaper’s hefty Jar of Immortal Souls was clumsily dropped and shattered, allowing a flock of rampant souls to escape and hide throughout Sunrise Crater’s many neighborhoods!

Over the course of Saturday (October 30), Sunday (October 31), and Monday (November 1), a series of daily scavenger hunts will take place and your riddle solving abilities will be put to the test. You will need to decode daily sets of clues in order to locate the souls. Each day, the first daily clue will be sent to you as a message via your in-game mailbox. Successfully locating souls will unlock the next clue with a total of 9 per day. After you’ve collected all souls for the day, the Grim Reaper will be waiting for you to hand them over. Expect repayment in the form of various and bountiful offerings.

Don’t miss out, and put some work into decoding those clues before it’s too late!


The Haunted Asylum

Many years ago, in Journey’s End, an Asylum was closed immediately due to the rapid spread of a deadly disease. The residents were left behind as a measure of quarantine. Try as they might to survive, they weren’t able to get out because doors are locked with secret codes. Lacking food and basic necessities while they were trapped, they eventually perished, and now haunt the Asylum forever.

The spirits are so angry about their demise, they’ve placed traps throughout the facility, in hopes to keep you there forever. A few even manifest a physical presence in order to activate some of the traps.

If you think you can survive the Haunted Escape Asylum, the spirits will be waiting for you.

There are a few items left lying around the Asylum that could give you a bit of respite along your journey, but they will be little comfort to you. Comfort and luxury are not on the menu here. Should you choose to enter this place, beware! You may not make it out with your sanity, thus making you another member of the Haunted Asylum. Taking the easy way, will not necessarily be beneficial, you could find yourself in more danger this way. Should you actually manage to escape, legend has it that the spirits store their valuables in the Dining Hall just as you leave. Will you be able to Escape?

Attention Sunrise Crater citizens!


As stated in the last emergency alert, our weather forecast radar has been detecting signs of a potential monsoon with waves of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and thunder and lightning. This is an expected phenomenon which can occur with the change of season. However, this time our team of experts found some unusual signs that have never been recorded before. The rain water seems to have a higher level of fructose, making it heavier, stickier, and sweeter than your average rain. The winds are also carrying some sort of pink-ish powder that is creating the effect of a pink smog permeating the skies.

We hope you all had enough time to prepare and ready yourselves for the storm’s strongest impact. Please stay calm, take a deep breath, and have a toothbrush on hand at all times. Have some self control, and try not to bite!


Sweet Prizes!

If you do find yourself unable to resist the temptation, you might end up face to face with the brand new addition to FreeSO seasonal shenanigans, the Lucky ‘Gumball’ Machine!

The machine is available exclusively at Fructose Monsoon, our brand new event lot, but how does it work? Each gumball includes 1 mystery item from the 12-pack 2021 Summer Collection and a special bonus item for the price of only 800 Simoleons. What a steal! Come over and get yourself a box or… more! Please be assured that this machine will never go out of stock, but your wallet may!

The launcher also seems to have been affected – we’re detecting an increase in its sugar content of around 2000% per pixel. We’re not sure what the normal sugar content of a pixel is, but the dramatic increase is a cause for worry.

It looks like the storm will be lasting until the end of October, so you’ve got plenty of time to make the most of it. Until then, enjoy yourselves, and maybe triple the frequency of your dentist appointments.

Games have changed over the last year. Mario is Dead, Cyberpunk is only 56 years away, and nobody cares about Fortnite anymore. The Sims Online isn’t competitive enough, violent enough, and our drama isn’t explosive enough to reach any social media feed. We need to adapt to a changing market, and the best way to do that is to shamelessly rip off the most popular game at the time.

Introducing AmongSO, the first in a series of exciting and original game modes featuring characters without any arms. Why play the real thing on balanced, well thought out maps when you just aimlessly float around properties in FreeSO instead? Yes, you heard me right, every property in FreeSO is the playing ground for AmongSO. Who needs tasks, when you can make group meals as a crewmate? For maximum frustration, the game starts randomly every 20-40 minutes, so that you never truly feel safe.

Kill your friends, vote out the wrong person, this is just the future of social interaction. We are living it.

If you win a game, you have a chance of winning a coveted C Sus2 Music Box – a programmable music box that plays everyone’s favourite music remix by default, but can be programmed to play anything you want. Available today only!

What do you mean, I only update this blog on April 1st? If you haven’t been caught up, all the real news is on the Discord these days!

We’ve heard it so many times: why isn’t this game from 2003 meeting modern standards and needs? Why does everything feel like it was designed 17 years ago? Well, apart from the fact that it was, we decided that enough was enough and it was time to bring the game into the modern era ourselves.

We’ve heard complaints that the motive system is too “antiquated” and “boring”, and we heard you LOUD AND CLEAR. When you get ingame, you’ll see a whole new system awaiting you – you’ll find everything has been flipped on its head! As all good UX designers say: completely switch up the meaning and layout of everything, and your users will be more “engaged”. :relieved:

To spice up your lives a little, we have added fire to the game for the first time! Yep, definitely haven’t done this one before. If you’re having trouble getting a tan these days, imagine what standing on a rug can do for you in FreeSO.
Doritos have done it, Nandos have done it, now we’re doing it too. You can order a new type of pizza via the phone: “Pizza Roulette”! Will it be ice cold? Will it be hot and spicy? There’s only one way to find out! This is a great, original new idea that is definitely new this year and will never come around again. No siree.
We are now building the game on Azure Pipelines! That’s not a feature, I just wanted to mention it somewhere.
Ever felt that outfits in TSO are too “grounded” for your tastes? Who wants to still be in their pajamas when they get out of bed? Nobody wants to be reminded of the tortures of real life, so we’ve added a convenience feature that can switch you into your desired outfit without any user input. How does the game know what your desired outfit is? That information has been patented – sorry.
We’ve also added more hats to the game! That’s really all there is to say on the matter. :tophat:
And finally, you read it above, we’ve added one of the most desired objects to the game. An experience that before you could only get via custom content or shady ass servers running 10 year old game versions. It’s here, it’s OFFICIAL. Love it, run to it, destiny arrives all the same.

Log in today only to receive your prize!