FreeSO Open Beta kicks off on January 6th!


Hello folks!

It has been a very long journey. Started on February 16th 2014, the SimAntics & World Development thread was the first attempt at re-implementing the complex Virtual Machine behind both The Sims and The Sims Online. 17 months later on July 28th 2015, we ran our first online playtest, where everyone appeared as Bob Newbie, the server crashed every 5 minutes and many tables were stood within. Now, 17 months later again, for New Year 2017, we’re finally launching the game in the large scale MMO context that we’ve been working towards this whole time.

You will be able to own a house in the city, run a store, skills lot, money lot, service lot, nightclub or whatever you want to create! Breach the top 100 with a fantastic lot, sell your in-game skills and real ones, work your way to the top of the career track with friends or just have fun, there will be a lot to do off the bat.

With new features and objects from the start, the future of the game is looking brighter than ever. The max lot size is now a huge 64×64 with 5 floors, and you can now see your neighbours around your lot. Compliment each other’s views or go to war with your neighbours, or just make a 5 floor castle in the middle of nowhere. As the past few years have proved, I’ll be there to listen to any feedback, quickly fix bugs that pop up, and lead us through the beta period to a full launch. Of course, the launch will fix a ton of bugs and introduce many welcome changes too!


For more information, check out the FAQ here. You can ask more questions in the forums and I’ll put the answers on there, so check back frequently!

In October, members of the forum voted for which city they wanted to live in first. After 3 rounds, you chose Test Center… however, the city has changed a lot over the past few years, so who knows what will be different! All will be revealed on December 25th, so stay tuned.


This has been a long time coming and I’m glad I can finally do this. There’s a small chance that this date might be missed – if that’s the case then you’ll be able to find out here first. There will be more information on the exact time the server will go live and what you need to download closer to the date.

That’s all for now. See you ingame!


36 thoughts on “FreeSO Open Beta kicks off on January 6th!

    1. Since people can ignore and ban people from their lots, or admit specific people, moderation will not be performed for personal disputes. Bans will only be given out for multi-accounting, botting or exploiting game bugs for profit (and in extreme cases, going to lots just to cause trouble). Multi-accounting includes creating additional sims to get around the ignore list or admit/ban.

      1. What will be the specific rules on multi accounting? Like, for example, my brother and I live together and if we both play the connection logs will probably show that we’re on the same IP, even though it’s two different people/pc’s actually playing. That won’t get either/both of us banned will it?

        1. Multi-accounting will be banned when it is clear one account exists for the benefit of the other (money or object transactions), or is the same person as another. I’m not sure how we’ll implement rules on roommates but there will definitely be some to prevent abuse. Logging into the game from the same PC at the same time is a clear offence, so try not to do that.

          1. ok, just so im clear.. ur saying u cant play all 3 of your sims u make in the profile page at the same time? or that u cant play different accounts at the same time? by different accounts I mean sign up for free tso more then once and have different log in information. or both? lol I just ask because I was surpised to find out u could run the game more then once on the same computer. Usually, with most games, if u try to run it twice, it says Game is already running.. or something like that. Sorry.. Im just a little confused,, if u cant tell.. lol

          2. You can certainly run the game more than once on the same computer – this is for testing purposes and cases where you need to transfer resources from one sim to another. However, earning money or skilling with more than one sim at a time will lead to a ban.

  1. Wow, I am surprised that someone got the gal to restart the Sims Online. As a beta tester for the Sims Online, lets just say the game was not the best achieved as far as EA Maxis goes. Also all the objects I see look like Sim objects in the Sims online..

    This game is outdated, this is not The Sims 4, 3, 2, its just plan 1. instead of wasting time developing a dead game use some creativity and create a new game!

    1. “this is not The Sims 4, 3, 2, its just plan 1”

      So… where is the problem? The Sims 1 is far superior in terms of gameplay compared to The Sims 2/3/4, and yes, I already played all of those four games, but I always come back to The Sims 1.

      Also, it is a The Sims Online reimplementation, of course it will have the same objects from The Sims Online, so of course it will use the same objects/skins (assets) from the original game.

      1. Agreed. I prefer the TSO version, which is the Sims 1 basically. I’ve found that most of Those who played from day one til end of its life, prefer that version. I’m excited to have it back!

  2. Wondering if we can have multiple accounts on a single laptop, because my son wants to play too and he doesn’t have his own pc, and would have to use mine, or my daughters.

  3. I am so exited to find this is making a come back! I am trying to join the forum but I am having so much trouble with the CAPTCHA requirement. Can someone help?

    1. I’ve changed the captcha to something easier. It was set to a grammar test to discourage a botter who was able to get around ReCAPTCHA somehow.

      1. I’ve been trying to register but keep getting a captcha error. I am not seeing a captcha loading up. Also, am not getting the registration email. I’ve looked in both my inbox and my spam folder. Nothing in either. Please help!

  4. Couldn’t be more excited! Have been following this for a very long time and I’m so impressed and appreciative for all that you and the team have done. I will be seeing you all on January 6 🙂

  5. Thank you for all of your hard work. TSO is the game that kickstarted my love of mmorpgs and I have always considered it my number one. I’m looking forward to playing again and seeing the familiar sim names. Also getting family to see what I’ve been talking about all these years!

    1. Me too, Erica – my first online game was TSO and I have great memories, made a few good friends there, and loved every moment of gameplay – so delighted it’s back (well virtually!)

  6. Trying to install it and it keeps having problems installing 🙁 I was in TSO from beta til “death” and really miss it. So happy to play the beta when I can figure out why I cant get it to install. Stops at file 101 of the 1140 files.

  7. Is anyone else having issues getting logged in? My launcher says all is right.. yet I get a big list of “errors” when I try to log in.

  8. I dont know if im doing something wrong but I have downloaded the game and I’m trying to log in and it says that an Internal error has ocurred What can I do?

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