FreeSO: A Residence Reborn


We’ve heard it so many times: why isn’t this game from 2003 meeting modern standards and needs? Why does everything feel like it was designed 17 years ago? Well, apart from the fact that it was, we decided that enough was enough and it was time to bring the game into the modern era ourselves.

We’ve heard complaints that the motive system is too “antiquated” and “boring”, and we heard you LOUD AND CLEAR. When you get ingame, you’ll see a whole new system awaiting you – you’ll find everything has been flipped on its head! As all good UX designers say: completely switch up the meaning and layout of everything, and your users will be more “engaged”. :relieved:

To spice up your lives a little, we have added fire to the game for the first time! Yep, definitely haven’t done this one before. If you’re having trouble getting a tan these days, imagine what standing on a rug can do for you in FreeSO.
Doritos have done it, Nandos have done it, now we’re doing it too. You can order a new type of pizza via the phone: “Pizza Roulette”! Will it be ice cold? Will it be hot and spicy? There’s only one way to find out! This is a great, original new idea that is definitely new this year and will never come around again. No siree.
We are now building the game on Azure Pipelines! That’s not a feature, I just wanted to mention it somewhere.
Ever felt that outfits in TSO are too “grounded” for your tastes? Who wants to still be in their pajamas when they get out of bed? Nobody wants to be reminded of the tortures of real life, so we’ve added a convenience feature that can switch you into your desired outfit without any user input. How does the game know what your desired outfit is? That information has been patented – sorry.
We’ve also added more hats to the game! That’s really all there is to say on the matter. :tophat:
And finally, you read it above, we’ve added one of the most desired objects to the game. An experience that before you could only get via custom content or shady ass servers running 10 year old game versions. It’s here, it’s OFFICIAL. Love it, run to it, destiny arrives all the same.

Log in today only to receive your prize!

12 thoughts on “FreeSO: A Residence Reborn

  1. Where do I go to request to update my passwords. I ve been ill. And haven’t played in a while. I have forgotten the password

  2. Hi there! Just got into the site and am SUPER pumped bout getting online. However, when I made the download I couldn’t open it because I have a Mac :'( is there a way to still download for me? Thank you!

  3. YAY! I have been thinking about coming back to freeso lately. I been waiting because I want my mystic tree gift. I don’t know if it has been two years yet but I will find out soon enough! 😀

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