When you sign up for the official FreeSO servers, you agree to a few things:

  • All information submitted to the game servers may be stored in the game database, lot state saves, or object persist saves. This includes obvious transmissions such as lot descriptions and object arrangements, but also includes things such as the data in signs objects, results of user interactions, and permissions information stored for doors. This data is additionally backed up to minimise data loss in the event of a server failure.
  • Information stored for your account will include: username, email, salted+hashed password (for authentication), ip history, client unique identifier (for account security & moderation). Messages and lot actions are not logged for player properties, but ingame emails are stored in server until they are deleted, so they can be synced across different game clients or devices. Currently, all property chat and interactions are logged for job lots. This is so that we can replay the events of a past job shift for both moderation purposes (eg. user deliberately sabotaging job gameplay) and reproducing bugs.
  • In the event of the server closing down, or a wipe, the data from the server may be released publicly for historical purposes. Sensitive data such as password hashes, emails, other identifying info, ingame messages and door permissions state will be wiped should this occur. Note that sign contents will not be erased, so don’t put any sensitive information on signs on properties.

We have also established a set of rules which all users must follow, to ensure the stability of the economy and that everyone can enjoy the game equally.

Breaking these rules in an extreme fashion may result in a ban without warning, or your account’s funds being wiped. Typically, we will contact you first if we are sure that a rule is being broken. Immediately disconnecting your sim or avoiding contact will force us to skip this step!

  • To protect the economy and ensure a fair playing ground, Multi-accounting is not permitted. This includes:
    • Creating multiple accounts for one person. (due to event objects and roomie benefits) You have 3 sims for a reason!
    • Any person using multiple accounts at the same time.
    • Any person using multiple sims from the same account at the same time.
    • Pooling funds or goods from other sims into one, if both were ever active at the same time.
    • Not knowing this rule is not an excuse! Action will still have to be taken to ensure a fair economy for other users who simply used one sim.
    • Exception: You are allowed to use another sim for around 5 minutes to transfer property or money from one sim to a new sim. This is a workaround for retire sim and other lot ownership features being incomplete.
  • Do not exploit bugs in the game software to some benefit. Any issues of this kind should be privately reported to a moderator or developer on Discord.
    • Note that while you may deem certain bugs as “possibly intentional”, obviously exploiting the behaviour for profit will still result in action being taken against your account, which may include removal of funds.

Additionally, it is important to note that moderation action from our server hosting team does not include any personal conflicts between users.  There are two exceptions:

  • Users who attempt to get around ignore lists, ban lists, or simply try to offend as many people as possible. These users will be considered for a global ban from the game.
  • Users who disrupt Job Lot gameplay. This includes users who deliberately do very little during job rounds, or attempt to hinder job performance of other players.
    • Due to some incomplete code in this area, this rule will be enforced very strictly.

These rules are subject to change – changes in the rules will likely be signalled through the game client, blog and discord community.

With all that in mind, you can proceed to enjoy the game! It was all kind of obvious anyways. 🙂