Volcanic, Terrain, Fixes… and a new Logo!


Hello folks, it’s been a while since I posted an update. A number of things have happened since the last post, so I’ll go over them quite quickly.

Firstly, a lot of work has been put into our resource editing tool, Volcanic. It is now possible to make, test and debug new objects entirely from scratch within FreeSO! This is the culmination of 6 months work; you are now able to fully modify and create most resource types that TSO uses.

Rocket in Volcanic's DGRP editor.

Many object interactions have been fixed – specifically the food counters, beds, campfire and bubble blower. There are a lot of small changes, but the gist of it is that now there are very few objects that do not work correctly. The only remaining main SimAntics VM features are permissions, budget, and the “plugins” system that drove things like “Pizza” and the sign posts. After these, we can get started on the MMO server.

…and of course (due to popular demand), grass and other terrain types are now visible. Here are some screenshots of objects users created with Volcanic as part of its user evaluation, grass included:

We also have a new text logo! This was designed with guidance from some of the members of the community, and resembles more of a modern sims feel than an old one. This was really just to make it go with the icon I already created.

freeso logo

4 thoughts on “Volcanic, Terrain, Fixes… and a new Logo!

  1. This is amazing news! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project. I am so excited to play this game again. I played TSO/EA Land the whole time it was available and I miss it dearly. Keep up the amazing work and God speed.

  2. INCREDIBLE news. I really enjoyed playing TSO today. Thank you for all your work to bring this game back.

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