Starting today (October 24th), you can participate in this year’s Halloween event! This year brings about a new kind of event, where you all have to work together to get the prize! :scream: You can now go trick-or-treating at other lots to receive lots and lots of delicious candy :yum:. But watch out! There are zombies running amok in Sunrise Crater! Defeat them quickly before all your precious worldly possessions are broken! Vanquish them to receive even more candy! But don’t worry, you have two whole weeks to gather up enough candy and bring it to this year’s event lot; The Hallowed Village, conveniently located in D.A.M.N.

Better put on your best costume and start trick-or-treating and or zombie vanquishing, event ends November 6th!

Getting some Candy


The best way to get candy is to trick or treat around player and community lots! There are two timers governing candy: A global timer for one candy every 5 minutes, and a bonus candy the first time you visit that property each day. Jumping around trick or treating everywhere is obviously the most effective, but you can still hang out in the same spot and get a piece every 5 minutes. It’s up to you – but don’t try to take candy too often or you’re in for a… shock.

When a candy bowl is in a lot, however, a zombie will eventually show up! This horrible monster will attempt to break a random object on the property… but you have the power to stop it! Together with a group of ideally 4 people, you can banish the zombie for a large candy bonus. This requires a lot of people though – with only one or two, the zombie may have already destroyed a few objects by the time it works! If you own a property and don’t want the zombie around, you can always bribe it to leave… but then you lose precious candy. :'(

Donating Candy


Got enough candy from bowls and zombies? Head on over to the well at The Hallowed Village. You think there’s something in there? Nope, no way. It is a perfectly normal, empty well. Throw your candy down without looking, and watch the community total soar sky high. (or increment by one, if you are terribly selfish)

As they’re met, we’ll be announcing new milestones and object ingame and on discord, so keep an eye out over the next two weeks! There are some really crazy objects we have lined up for you.

Even after donating candy, you can keep track of how much you’ve contributed by checking the candy entry in your inventory. We’ll occasionally be announcing the top donators on Discord, and there may even be personal milestones and awards offered by Madge Cal herself…

Halloween Items

The candy counter in The Hallowed Village will unlock new objects for everyone when you hit set milestones… but what are they? Well, that’s a cool surprise so I’ll just divert the question – what do we have apart from these?

We have some all new halloween items in the catalog, thanks to S1ndle, AOG, Raeven and Alex. Among these is a really cool cauldron stove with some really cool custom scripting. Find them in various sections – they won’ t be there forever!

Are you a big fan of the halloween items from previous events? You can get another chance at them at The Hallowed Village… but it won’t be easy!

Since the last blog post, we’ve been busy adding a ton of object types to the collection of upgradable ones. This has enabled a ton of objects to be used for greening that were not usable before, and allows for much more freedom in designing themed properties. Here’s a list of everything we’ve covered:

  • Beds
  • Fridges, Stoves
  • Baths and Showers
  • Fun Objects (PCs, televisions, bubble maker, pool table, basketball… etc)
  • Chairs, Armchairs and Sofas
  • Some “fun” upgrades. Not the category, just ones that do weird things…
  • Drivable Cars

Wait – you never announced that last one! Oh, but we did… on Discord! That’s right, the blog fell behind again, but better late than never.

In this post I’ll be talking about what drivable cars mean, and about some new tools I’m introducing to Volcanic to help content creation in the future.

(the accessory and animation in the above picture are not an actual thing we will be distributing (pls no sue disney), though it is inevitable that custom accessories will make it to the game at some point!)

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Yes, the upgrades system is finally ready for public testing! “Silently” debuted during our world emoji day… event… the upgrades system lets you pay additional money to upgrade eligable objects when purchasing them or even afterwards, on the same panel that lets you return objects to inventory. These upgrades can make the object match more expensive versions for motive gain, benefits and even add some extra functionality the object never had before! Our emoji day example was a thinking emoji that spins when you upgrade it, but the real targets are more… practical than that.
Today, we’re debuting the first set of functional object upgrades that aim to free house builders from only using a small slice of the catalog. Soon, it will all be viable. 😌

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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the Mentor applications are opening today, and will remain open for the whole of June 2019!

For those of you who missed the Mentor announcement a few weeks ago, a Mentor is a regular player who has been acknowledged by the staff to be trustworthy and capable of assisting the community in some way. Whether this is via generally helping players in the game, answering minor questions in the discord, or even intervening with hostile players and calming a situation. Everyone will be good at something different.

It should be noticed that Mentors will not have any moderator or admin privileges.

As previously stated in our announcement, please note that to be considered for this role you must have a positive behaviour, good attitude and be somewhat thick skinned. This is not a popularity contest; all suitable players will be considered equally, and the role can also be lost if trust with the staff is broken. The Mentor role is also a voluntary position and will not receive any in-game benefits. Mentors will however receive a Discord role and a badge on their in-game profile!

Applications will be reviewed during June and any players who pass will then be offered a 2 week trial in July. Trials must be kept confidential, as we want to see your involvement with the community, not their response to you being on trial for the position.

If you wish to apply to become a Mentor you can do so here ←-clicky clicky. There are some rules to read and accept on the application so please familiarise yourself with them.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your applications. If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the FreeSO Discord or in-game.

Thanks for reading, see you in the crater!

~ The FreeSO Team ~

Hey folks,

Since the neighbourhoods update has been out for over a month and people have become settled in their new town halls, I figured it was about time for an update post on what we’ve been doing… and what we will be! Yes, this post will contain a full roadmap on what we are focusing on bringing to the game before leaving beta. Yes, that is still a thing. Feel free to skim any of the sections and just read headings, as many of them get quite technical.
(If you are still concerned about the contents of the last post, I suggest looking at the post date.)

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