The FreeSO Team have been in extended discussions with the official regulators and governing body that controls April Fools and all Pranks and Tricks planned globally, and we have come to agreement. This Cannot Continue.

April Fools is NO LONGER going to be on April 1st.


After years of specifically developed, fully functional April Fools masterpieces, this year the vanilla, boring, single digit date simply does not match up to what we need out of it. It is inconvenient, barely misses a weekend, and has the audacity to take place when I’m nowhere near a desktop computer. Plus, we’re no stranger to delaying events with supposedly “fixed” dates. Halloween, maybe even Christmas? No problem for us – how would this be any different?

To rectify this problem, we have selected a new OFFICIAL date for 2022’s April Fools. The date is…

Saturday 16th April 2022


Think about it. It’s perfect. Sandwiched perfectly in the middle of the month, right at the start of the weekend, ready for the majority of people to enjoy a full day of whatever horrible derivative concoction we have planned. I mean, whatever wonderful, original idea we have planned.

The only downside is that the date is nowhere near as memorable. Of course, we have all bases covered – our masterful team of PR wizards have come up with this catchy and unique slogan which will make it easy for everyone to remember and understand the revised date for all April Fools antics:

“Remember, Remember, the 16th of April”

Make sure that when anyone asks you “what happened to april fools”, “download among us google play”, or really, any message containing the word “april”, respond with our slogan _to the letter_ and all worries will be resolved.

The following events will NOT occur today, as April 1st is NO LONGER the official active date for the April Fools holiday:

  • Fire and Fire spread active throughout Sunrise Crater.
  • Spicy Pizza Roulette, whatever that was meant to be.
  • Emoji Only Chat enabled on every second odd hour (UTC) throughout the day.
  • AmongSO Tournament at 8pm UTC at The Skeld (CANCELLED)
  • A “stress test” involving 2000 rugs, a ball pit and a malfunctioning pool filter at 7:23pm UTC (42 seconds)

Do NOT hold any pranks on April 1st against this ruling. They will NOT be funny, they will only be “based” if you really mean based in LIES and deceit. The committee will find you and your comedy license will be revoked.

This will not happen to you.

Please look forward to replacement events on the new officially sanctioned date for April Fools, and make sure to repeat our slogan whenever anyone mentions April Fools.

Remember, Remember, the 16th of April!


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