What features are available over the current version?

Glad you asked! Here’s everything new:

  • MMO server. Register, Create a sim, buy properties in the city and take your sim around others!
  • Build your own property, find some roommates, host visitors, and visit other properties freely. You have full control!
  • See the lots and landscape around the lot you’re on, for a better sense of locality.
  • Progressive gameplay. Start from nothing, earn your fortune, populatity, build your dream lot with the money you earn and top the career tracks!
  • House panel, for managing your lot’s ambience, upgrading its size, banning specific users.
  • Code group money object, clothing racks, dressers, scoreboard object!
  • Jump to a job lot during the set hours to earn some quick money with other players from across the city.
  • Visual improvments! Roofs, new terrain, dynamic roads, smooth zooming all the way from city view and much more.
  • Many bug fixes. All objects should work as expected upon release.
  • Check out which lots are online without even opening the game using the HTML5 City Viewer widget.
  • See this page for lots of gifs of these features in action: http://forum.freeso.org/threads/final-checklist-gif-heavy.2314/

What is not available?

  • The nightclub jobs are not yet functional. Only the robot factory and restaurant are playable, but they work though to the end!
  • Most special objects, such as the band job object, draw a card or door permissions are not available yet.
  • It is not yet possible to own or be a roomie in multiple lots. Stay tuned for more information when everyone has earned a bit more money!
  • User submitted custom content will be a big part of the game in the future, but it is not yet implemented.

Why isn’t (insert nit pick here) fixed yet? (eg. z-buffer on specific objects)

The main focus has always been implementing the main features. I do not want to delay the game just because some things are not perfect. It is always possible for other contributors to look into these issues while I’m working on something else.

What still needs to be done?

Some balancing, roommate protocol and moderation features needs to be completed to prevent requiring a city wipe in the future. Stress testing needs to be performed. A security audit also has to be performed to make sure the last few issues are covered. ..and our new city has to be finalized, obviously, as the layout will change considerably!

Any important gameplay changes?

Yes. The money and skills gameplay will be rebalanced around using only one avatar. Because of this, multi-accounting will be strictly forbidden! There will be additional features to allow playing with multiple avatars for role-play reasons, but you will not be able to earn money and skills on more than one avatar at a time. Multi-accounting and botting is very easy to detect as all transactions are logged, so make sure you don’t break the rules or you risk losing everything! 😓

What’s in the future, and how can I suggest future features?

Immediately we’ll be implementing the remaining plugins, friendship web, and the nightclub jobs. Soon after we will be developing some new objects, new job lots and working on supporting custom content for user resale. Reworked neighbourhoods and some new city interconnected gameplay are also on the map. Please see the Contributions section of the forum to see what everyone else is suggesting, and suggest some changes of your own!