Fructose Monsoon


Attention Sunrise Crater citizens!


As stated in the last emergency alert, our weather forecast radar has been detecting signs of a potential monsoon with waves of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and thunder and lightning. This is an expected phenomenon which can occur with the change of season. However, this time our team of experts found some unusual signs that have never been recorded before. The rain water seems to have a higher level of fructose, making it heavier, stickier, and sweeter than your average rain. The winds are also carrying some sort of pink-ish powder that is creating the effect of a pink smog permeating the skies.

We hope you all had enough time to prepare and ready yourselves for the storm’s strongest impact. Please stay calm, take a deep breath, and have a toothbrush on hand at all times. Have some self control, and try not to bite!


Sweet Prizes!

If you do find yourself unable to resist the temptation, you might end up face to face with the brand new addition to FreeSO seasonal shenanigans, the Lucky ‘Gumball’ Machine!

The machine is available exclusively at Fructose Monsoon, our brand new event lot, but how does it work? Each gumball includes 1 mystery item from the 12-pack 2021 Summer Collection and a special bonus item for the price of only 800 Simoleons. What a steal! Come over and get yourself a box or… more! Please be assured that this machine will never go out of stock, but your wallet may!

The launcher also seems to have been affected – we’re detecting an increase in its sugar content of around 2000% per pixel. We’re not sure what the normal sugar content of a pixel is, but the dramatic increase is a cause for worry.

It looks like the storm will be lasting until the end of October, so you’ve got plenty of time to make the most of it. Until then, enjoy yourselves, and maybe triple the frequency of your dentist appointments.

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