Christmas has arrived!


Merry Christmas everyone! You’ve noticed the snowstorms, but you probably haven’t noticed the Christmas Tree in your inventory! Place it on your lot to celebrate!

Each day you’ll be able to open a present from the tree – since it isn’t close to christmas yet you’ll be getting a variant of a “common” present, but in the 6 days leading up to christmas you’ll get some rare objects you can’t get anywhere else!

“But my tree only starts with 2 presents!” you say. Well, rumor has it that your tree has a designated delivery man who comes every night, really likes cookies and doesn’t like to be seen by other sims, because he’s ashamed of his facial hair or something. Your tree can hold up to 4 presents, though even if it’s full he’s likely to show up for the cookies anyways. You can find cookies in the “miscellaneous” section of the catalog.

I’d recommend setting out some cookies next to a fireplace (preferably off… but that won’t stop him) and letting him do his job in peace. Christmas is effort enough without all these early deliveries to worry about!

However, that’s not all we’ve got in store… we have new catalog items and a crafting event powered by CC created by the community!

Crafting Event

On Tuesday morning, the Mountaintop DADDI & MOMI Hospital System (MDMHS) issued a public health alert:

For reasons unknown, an epidemic of “the giggles” has been aggressively moving through the communities of Santa’s elves, rendering them all but paralyzed with laughter in a time when they are accustomed to keeping those tiny little noses to the grindstones for the final 11th hour push to finish their gifts before Christmas day. MDMHS is working around the clock to monitor the symptoms and attempt to provide remedy to the unknown ailment as soon as possible. These include holding one’s breath, thinking about something sad, drinking a giant glass of water, and so forth. We will provide further information as we progress toward a cure—or at least any success toward curbing the symptoms.

In a rare public statement, Governor Burglar Cop has responded to the halt of Christmas gift creation, and issued a plea to the citizens of Sunrise Crater: “We need every able citizen and nimble pair of hands to get themselves down to the Winter Workshop of Wonders to help with the work stoppage. We must finish the work in time for Santa to deliver the gifts to every household in Sunrise Crater. Drop in regularly to receive the new shipments of materials and build, build, build! I will not go down in history as the first governor of Sunrise Crater to have failed Santa Claus!!”

When asked about the growing pressure he’s received as of late to break each neighborhood into its own governing body, led by locally elected mayors, Governor Cop responded with “tf” and left the press conference.


This year’s holiday event would not have been possible without the fabulous work of:

  • @Andrew (AOG / Sir Andrew) (3D and 2D art)
  • @S.Q.U.A.S.H. Miha (3D and 2D art)
  • @˙ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou (3D and 2D art)
  • @B.A.B.I. BrandonSJ ((3D and 2D art)
  • @jwofles (3D and 2D art)
  • @D.A.D.D.I. S1ndle (3D and 2D art, Putting it all together)
  • @M.O.M.I. Raeven (Putting it all together, Event planning)
  • @D.U.C.K.I. Fawn (Catalog strings, Lot design, Lot description/name, Event planning)
  • @D.A.D.D.I. dotequals (Lot design, testing, Event planning)
  • @rip in peri peri:santa::cloud_snow: )

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